Who We Are

Foundation Fast Facts:

  • Launch meeting for the Foundation was in March 2014.
  • The launch meeting was attended by forty interested members of various communities including twelve Community Association Representatives.
  • The launch meeting was also attended by four Calgary City Councillors, two MLAs and three representatives from the Mayor’s Office.
  • The Foundation received its official non-profit incorporation in May 2014 and the formation of the Board of Directors also occurred in May.
  • Our Board of Directors has a total of seven members and the Foundation’s by-laws mandate that a minimum of two directors must represent communities from the Green Line North corridor and two directors must also represent communities from the Green Line South corridor.
  • The main focus of the Foundation is to advocate for the need for the Green Line LRT while working with our community partners to help facilitate their efforts to see that the final design and construction of the LRT conforms to their community vision.

Our Vision:

To unite Calgarians in the desire to have LRT operating on the Green Line in both the North Central and South East corridors by the year 2026.

Our Goals:

  1. Unite Stakeholders and Citizens: Bring Green Line stakeholders and Calgarians together in advocating for improved transit with a common voice.
  2. Raise Awareness About the Green Line: Pursue various citizen engagement opportunities to make the Green Line LRT a city wide discussion topic.
  3. Promote the Need for and Benefits of Investing in Rapid Transit: Raise awareness about the cost of congestion and the need for transit improvements along the Green Line corridor. Promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of investment in large scale rapid transit projects and how it relates to Calgarians’ quality of life.
  4. Advocate for Transit Oriented Development: Advocate for the need for the Green Line LRT to create opportunities to pursue new smart growth development and reinvestment in existing communities throughout Calgary.
  5. Evolve into a Citizen Driven Authority on Transit in Calgary: Pursue research, funding and advocacy opportunities that will allow the Foundation to grow as a citizens’ group promoting transit.