What are your thoughts on the Green Line?

It’s time for you to have your say. Use the comment section below to voice your opinions, concerns and feedback on the proposed Green Line and how it (or the lack of it) affects you as a Calgarian.

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    Buchanan Elementary School resides on Centre Street North along 36 Ave to 38th Ave North and with that said should the Green Line be constructed above ground, this would mean the LRT will reside in the middle of the right of way and one lane of traffic going north and one lane of traffic going south. In addition left hand turn lanes are needed so that school buses and parents can get in and out to drop off and pick up students. In my opinion should there be an accident or a vehicle break downs along the single car lanes or the left hand turn, there will be a major disruption concerning students attending Buchanan Elementary School. The solution is to put the Green Line UNDERGROUND. More importantly these are “elementary students” who go to this school, why put young innocent lives at stake with the Green line being above ground at this vicinity???

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    Its very smart ,the government of alberta , promotes lrt lines,it will save people money, time and the enviroment,thanks alberta ,doing your part for the future!!!

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