Riverbend Supports the Green Line

Once fully built out, the Green Line will stretch across Calgary’s entire north/south span. It will bring an additional 40 kms of new LRT track to the existing 53 kms of track, nearly doubling the size of the current LRT network. The size of this project means that the Green Line will touch the lives of nearly 270,000 Calgarians who currently live along it. It is these Calgarians who will be the focus of our blog over the coming months as we work with our Community Association partners to demonstrate why a need already exists for the Green Line. We will look at the various ways LRT access will improve the lives of many of the corridor’s residents and how sticking to the current multi-decade construction timeline will negatively impact a large number of Calgarians’ quality of life.

Our first look at this issue came from the Northern Hills Community Association, which represents the communities that surround the Green Line on its northern end. For our second look we turn our focus to the southern portion of the Green Line Corridor and the Riverbend Community Association. The story of Riverbend also helps to highlight another important aspect of the Green Line due to the community’s proximity to the new Quarry Park development. Along with Seton and Aurora Business Park, Quarry Park is one of three major new employment hubs that will be constructed in Calgary over the coming years. The Green Line will connect all three of these employment areas with Calgary’s existing LRT network as well as Calgary’s downtown business core. As a result, the Green Line will help meet the commuting needs of many Calgarians who don’t live along the corridor and help ease traffic congestion throughout the city.

While our blog will tell the story of the Green Line from the perspective of Community Associations and other large stakeholders, we would encourage individuals to share their stories with us as well. Please use the comment form on our ‘Your Say’ page or tweet using #LRTOTG. Check back often as we continue to tell the story of the need for the Green Line and do our best to ensure that construction begins now and not decades from now.


LRT on the Green Foundation
Letter of Support

We, the Board of the Riverbend Community Association (RCA) support the advocacy of the LRT on the Green Foundation towards bringing forward the building of the proposed Green Line LRT to South Calgary.

Implementing the Green Line sooner is a necessity!  Anything to help reduce vehicle congestion on the major arteries is a benefit to all Calgarians, not just residents along the route. The South side of Calgary is lacking transportation infrastructure and is very important to our residents. Riverbend has become a traffic nightmare with many Calgarians travelling through our neighborhood when Deerfoot Trail is backed up. Also, as Quarry Park (both residential and commercial) is filling up, there is another huge impact on 18th Street and the roads through and around Riverbend. And let’s not forget the recreation facility being built in Quarry Park –with LRT built out, the facility would have much easier access.

RCA includes over 9,766 residents: approximately 3% of the 270,000 population living along the Green Line. Area 12 is among the fastest growing regions of Calgary; between 2002 and 2008, the population has increased by 26,636 residents, or 63.3%. With Calgary’s population still growing, at a rate of 18.8% over the last five years, we need to invest in our infrastructure along the line now – not wait until 2033.


Rose Martin

On behalf of the Board of the Riverbend Community Association

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