Green Line Unites Communities – Tuxedo Park and the North Central Alliance

Since its inception, the primary goal of the LRT on the Green Foundation has been to unite communities across Calgary behind the desire to see LRT on Calgary’s Green Line. With such a wide variety of communities located along the Green Line, it came as no surprise that the amount of enthusiasm a community had towards LRT construction was tempered by varying levels of concern about how the arrival of LRT would change their neighbourhood. It became clear that how well these concerns were addressed throughout the City of Calgary’s planning process for the Green Line would dictate the general level of support that an individual community would be willing to show for the LRT.

To help address community concerns, the Foundation made a decision to focus on big picture issues that impact the Green Line as a whole while working with community stakeholders to help address issues that arise on a local level. Part of this strategy has involved working alongside Calgary Transit as well as City Councillors to ensure that the Green Line communities were able to participate in the engagement process early and often. To date, we are happy to report that the public engagement strategy pursued by the City of Calgary has been quite well received. The other part of this strategy has been to identify mutual areas of concern between communities in both north and south east Calgary and to act as a liaison to get communities talking to each other and working towards common solutions that will maximize the benefits the Green Line LRT can bring.

The greatest area of success in this strategy has been seen in north central Calgary. The Community Associations of Highland Park, Thorncliffe Greenview and Tuxedo Park have lead an initiative to form the North Central Alliance. With the selection of surface LRT on Centre Street as the preferred alignment option for the Green Line North, the North Central Alliance has now begun to look at how to successfully integrate street level LRT into their communities. This integration challenge is also shared by communities along the Green Line South East such as Millican Ogden, Lynnview, Ramsay and Inglewood. The Foundation will continue to work towards expanding partnership opportunities between communities in both north and south east Calgary to help them look for common solutions and strategies. As the Green Line’s detailed design process moves further along and the City continues its community consultations, it is our hope that local concerns will be gradually minimized and the full benefits of the Green Line LRT will be felt by everyone along the line’s length.

Tuxedo ParkIn today’s blog post we hear from the Tuxedo Park Community Association about how the Foundation has been able to work hand in hand with them. In the past we have also covered the stories of Northern Hills, Riverbend, Douglasdale/Quarry Park and Mahogany.

While our blog continues to tell the story of the Green Line from the perspective of Community Associations and other large stakeholders, we would encourage individuals to share their stories with us as well. Please use the comment form on our ‘Your Say’ page or tweet using #LRTOTG. You can also help us get the word out by donating to the Foundation using the Paypal link at the top of this page. Check back often.


February 23, 2015


My name is Tammy Maloney. I’m the President of the Tuxedo Park Community Association. I’m writing this letter in support of the LRT on the Green Foundation. Their efforts to unite the communities from both the south and north along the Green Line and to accelerate the speed with which the Green Line is built are greatly appreciated by our community. These efforts have already led to tangible benefits for our community and have inspired increased collaboration amongst the communities along Centre Street north of downtown.

I first had the privilege of meeting (Foundation President) Jeff Binks at a presentation last year on the LRT on the Green Foundation held at the Thorncliffe-Greenview Community Association. I was immediately impressed by both his passion for and knowledge of the project. I was also impressed by his commitment towards uniting communities all along the Green Line. This commitment was evidenced by the number of Community Associations and Councillors in attendance from Wards in both the north and south. I left the presentation confident that LRT on the Green would be an excellent advocate on our behalf.

In addition to advocacy, we are grateful to LRT on the Green for the direct support they have provided to our community association. The booth they set up at our AGM was well received and added value to our engagement and education effort in our community.

Most recently I’ve had the pleasure of presenting on a couple occasions to the City of Calgary’s Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit alongside Jeff. I believe our voices are a perfect complement. As a community association President I represent a micro perspective of the grassroots needs of our community. Jeff and the LRT on the Green Foundation, on the other hand, represent a more macro perspective that includes well researched Calgary precedents as well as transit examples and funding options from other jurisdictions.

It is my hope that this innovative and collaborative micro/macro approach to advocacy will prove successful. Success in this case would be an LRT in our neighbourhood (sooner rather than later) that benefits both the commuters from the suburbs and the residents of our inner city community.


Tammy Maloney

Tuxedo Park Community Association

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