Douglasdale Glen and Quarry Park CA Supports the Green Line

The best way to demonstrate why the Green Line LRT deserves to be a transportation funding priority for the City of Calgary is to look to the people whose lives it will impact. There are nearly 270,000 Calgarians that live and work along the Green Line and to date we have told the stories of the Northern Hills and Riverbend Community Associations. With this post we continue to look towards the southern portion of the Green Line and the Douglasdale Glen & Quarry Park Community Association.

Douglasdale Glen CA LogoThe need for LRT to service the growth at Quarry Park is something that was touched on by the Riverbend Community Association as well. Quarry Park is destined to become a major employment centre for Calgary which means accessibility will become a major concern not just for area residents, but for Calgarians from every region of the city. As an example, Imperial Oil has begun to move its head office employees into its new campus in Quarry Park. By 2016, it is expected that Imperial will house around 3,000 employees at its new campus. The impact and resulting traffic congestion is something that is only just beginning to be felt by area residents.

While our blog continues to tell the story of the Green Line from the perspective of Community Associations and other large stakeholders, we would encourage individuals to share their stories with us as well. Please use the comment form on our ‘Your Say’ page or tweet using #LRTOTG. Check back often as we continue to tell the story of the need for the Green Line and do our best to ensure that construction begins now and not decades from now.


LRT on the Green Foundation,
Letter of Support

We, the Board of the Douglasdale Glen & Quarry Park Community Association, support the advocacy of the LRT on the Green Foundation towards bringing forward the building of the proposed Green Line LRT to South East Calgary.

As Calgary continues to experience tremendous population growth, our community continues to expand. With Quarry Park and the South Health Campus, our community is already experiencing the effects of corporate and commercial growth that is supported by the extensive residential growth throughout the south eastern communities of Calgary. We know this will not stop, but continue, and as good stewards of our city we must build transit networks that meet our existing and future demand. Our communities are heavily dependent on one road from community to the core downtown of Calgary and even our transit system faces this same challenge. The LRT would offer a sustainable transportation network to connect SE communities and support families throughout the area in their daily commutes. Every opportunity to remove traffic from Deerfoot Trail brings benefit to all Calgarians as it continues to be the main route to move people and goods through the city.

We look forward to a well planned transit network that brings our city together and does not choose to leave the southeast behind. This is a vital part of the city with high population growth and it will continue to be so for years to come.


Ellie Wood, MBA

On behalf of the Board of the Douglasdale Glen & Quarry Park Community Association


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